How To Last Minute Your Halloween


I'm a chronic last minute Halloweener (yes I said weener), meaning I wait until the last possible second to pick out what my costume will be. The last possible second being about 45 minutes before I have to walk out the door to a party. Last year I was "spooky". The year before I was also "spooky". The year before that I think I was a dead nurse or something. Anyway, you get the idea...

The reason this works for me is easy– I don't own normal clothes. I have the kind of everyday wardrobe that inspires random people loitering in front of bars on Saturday nights to scream "It's not Halloween!". The great thing about the next couple weeks is it IS Halloween which gives me and you the ultimate excuse of looking as insane as possible without well meaning elderly couples asking "Are you in a play?" while we're trying to ride the bus. 

Lucky for you, I'm here with a grab bag of goodies to help you go last minute on the 31st and come out looking like you've been planning this for months! The only trick is placing your order before the 25th so I can make sure this deal goes down in due time. 

Oh I forgot to add– why feel pressured to be anything specific for Halloween? Don't we feel that pressure too much everyday as it is? Just as I prefer to be myself every other day of the year, Halloween is no exception. Let your imagination flow with these babies and embrace the magic of a holiday that allows you to embrace your inner creep.



Glitter Bow (Black)

The most epic head bow is back for Halloween! Real glitter bow that won't flake or shed perched on a velvet headband for comfort. This is the ultimate way to elevate your fall look!

Bow measures 10" X 7"

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Cloud Hoops (Midnight)

These marabou hoop earrings dangle from a crystal heart and feature clip-on fixtures. Got your head in the clouds? Who knew earrings could be so warm and fuzzy?

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Cat Hat

It's a cat hat! Made of light pink thin fleecy jersey. A bit small but looks cute worn open. Snaps under chin. Would make a perfect base to alter and build off of for a custom animal hat! Face hole measures 8" top to bottom.

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Hair Poms (black)

Tie up your pony with our faux fur Hair Poms. Set of two furry Poms backed in pink metallic elastic to hold your pigtails, ponytails, and hair buns.

Oversize Poms measure about 7" around.

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Stella Rose Saint Clair