Let's Get Real


Once upon a time I swore that I'd never start a personal blog again. I love to write and I love to create imagery but something about blogging in general has always felt very vapid to me, even as I was doing it.

It sounds dumb but honestly, blogging always made me feel like I was never good enough. I was trying to compete in a world of trust-funders with designer outfits and photographer boyfriends when I was this minimum wage day-jobber styling hand-me-down vintage looks and documenting myself with the refurbished SLR I literally spent every dime I had at the time on, and my broken tripod (both of which I'm still using to this day).

Honestly, there's nothing wrong with any of those things, but there was something wrong about my need to hide them. I was doing and learning a ton of interesting things but I didn't want to share much of my process, because I thought my reality should stay hidden away for fear that I would be discovered as uh... not bloggery enough... (side note: our fears are stupid and they sound even stupider when we write them down).

My life is not perfect. I live in a creaky creepy overpriced NYC apartment but through the magic of DIY I've made it cute and awesome. I work a day job to pay my rent and I run my business on the side off of this here website. I wouldn't say I have a fancy or luxurious life, but I definitely have an exciting one. Oh, and I'm also embarking on a belated business venture– a NEW fully fledged fashion line... no big deal (I'm terrified).

The past few years have been a rollercoaster in terms of making my art and dipping my toe into the dazzling, aggressive, and sometimes downright elitist pool of fashion design. On the positive side, I've created SO MANY beautiful things both alone and in collaboration with fellow visionaries. Bringing an idea that started out as a drawing on paper, into real life, is the biggest most magical thrill, and watching my design-style develop over the years has been satisfying as well (you can view all my favorite past creations here). On the negative side I've experienced intense competition and infighting in a world that should be about creating beauty and supporting strong women, as opposed to being "the first", "the best" or worse still, "the only one". 

The reason I do anything rad is to inspire others to do rad shit too, which got me thinking, why not share my process of building a business from the ground up? I'll level with you, I feel like I have NO IDEA what I'm doing, but I do know this– I'm tired of keeping that a secret. I'm not an expert, and I never have been.  I'm just a weird girl with a lot of ideas and some lofty goals. I have a lot of learning to do, but I have a lot I can teach you too.

So, with that said, you can expect this blog to get you motivated, school you on all the confusing business stuff you may be wishing you understood, and hopefully inspire you to lead a rad and colorful life no matter what. You might see me flail (in a pink bathtub no less) but you wont see me fail.


-Stella Rose

Outfit details:

  • Hat and dress are vintage
  • Shoes are from here
  • Glasses are from here
  • Bag is from here