Barretty, Set, Go: 5 Easy Summer Hairstyles From Me To You

blog 6.11.19 1.jpg

Psst! If you’re reading this on a device, it formats best horizontally, so rotate that screen!

Hi, it’s me, writing a clickbait-sounding blog entree, and so what if I am? I made a cool thing and I want you to see how easy it is to use it!

When I designed these clips back in 2017, I wanted them to be like gigantic versions of the plastic barrettes we all wore as children / we all wore in the ‘90s / we all still wear so we can look hella ‘90s. Also I’m a big fan of cherrypicking my trends, and I cannot get over how cute and fun the barrette-splosion of 2019 is. My 6th grade self is giddy over all the sparkly new clips out there.

Anyway, even with my short baby bob, I managed to squeeze out 5 different looks using my Barrette Sets which come in 4 color combos and are super easy to install in your style with the alligator clip on the back. Speaking of clips, I made this whole post clippable so stick these styling instructions to your Pinterest board. Since it’s too hot for hats on the east coast right now, here’s my summer accessorizing inspo:

bows test.jpg
bows 2.jpg
bows 3.jpg
bows 4.jpg
bows 5.jpg

Now it’s your turn! Get your summer stylin’ on here and tag @itsstellarose in your selfies so I can see and share your styles using my Barrette Sets on Instagram!