Custom Embroidered Appliqué


Now you can get my art embroidered onto anything! Pep up your plain clothing by sending it my way. I’ll have it ready to rock in a week with a rad new look that you dreamed up! 

Choose from any of the designs listed (more coming soon y'all) and send me an email using the form below detailing what garment of yours we’ll be working with, and where you want the appliqué to be!

The next step is shipping me your item and once I have it, I’ll turn it out in a weeks time, send you a pic for approval, and then ship it back to you!


Total cost for custom embroidery will depend on these factors:

  • How much the cost of shipping is to send the garment to me, and for me to ship it back to you
  • The total cost of the embroidery (prices per design will be listed)
  • Any complications with the garment you choose (I may have to charge extra if the fabric is especially thick or difficult to work with, or if you need me to remove and replace a lining, etc). We will discuss all these factors over email so you are clear on the cost and I am clear on the amount of work involved.
  • If the appliqué needs patch backing (This is only a factor when sewing onto a sheer fabric. I'll explain this in an email if it's a factor)
  • If you need your order rushed
  • If you make decide to make a change to the placement after I've done the work


Payment will be made via PayPal: half up front (after we have discussed the project), and half when the garment is finished. Payment is non refundable. See FAQ page for details regarding shipping.


Current Designs


Heart Lollipop: $8 EA


Thorny Rose: $18 each


Suck It with optional 1 Heart Lollipop: $35

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