"From styling pop-stars like clown babies to creating kawaii-punk accessories for her friends and fans, Stella’s name has always been ringing in the ears of the industry. Now, with her full clothing line launch in collaboration with Print All Over Me, all eyes are on her too."


"However, the winner of the collection would have to be the backpack, featuring Saint Clair’s No Thank You graphic, there to help you to tell street harassers how you really feel. "


"Designer Stella Rose Saint Clair has created a beautiful beret that we need right now! The NYC-based artist has a super cute line of hair adornments and accessories, and hats are the latest addition to the collection."


"Designer Stella Rose was such an early adopter of millennial pink, it was still just known as pink when she took interest in it. Whatever you call it now, the hue is the first thing you notice when you get a glimpse of her abode in Brooklyn, New York—that, and the never-ending trinkets that adorn the walls.


"It's easy to get halfway through NYFW and still not see a single thing you'd want to actually wear. We're here to fix that with 17 of the coolest female designers in New York City. You'll want to wear all their clothes AND be their bestie.


"If you live in New York City and you pass someone on the street who can best be described as “visual napalm,” chances are you walked by professional spectacle Stella Rose Saint Clair. "


"With champagne wildly flowing, "Superstisia stars four girls, including burlesque star Raquel Reed, who'er all letting loose in campy pasties and sequins at a wild cocktail party that feels almost like a seance."