Hi! I’m Stella Rose!

Welcome to my universe! My mission is to make the world a more fun and colorful place by inspiring you and everyone you know to embrace fashion as art, and utilize personal style as a means of leveling up your life. I do this through writing, coaching, and designing awesome wearable products that will make you stand out in a crowd.


We all have the power to alter our world through being the change we wish to see. Strong personal style can not only elevate your mood, it can enhance your reality. My creative approach to getting dressed has opened doors for me, and helped unlock confidence and motivation in all that I do. What’s more, it’s inspired countless others to dress up everyday and stay true to who they are. Style is a form of self care, and treating your body right includes dressing for success.


A bit about me

Born in NYC and raised in Seattle, I come from a family of artists including painters, rock musicians, and a famous cartoonist. Fashion was my passion from an early age, and I would frequently borrow my mothers old club makeup to play dress up. I discovered drag at age 9, and by high school was I was making my own clothing because I wasn’t finding the things I wanted to wear in stores. Learning about Japanese Street Fashion at age 15 changed my philosophy around daily dressing– the idea that personal style in itself could be a form of art, and that you could dictate your life through the clothing you wear, instead of the other way around. I’ve been making and selling my designs for over a decade, as well as professionally styling namely for ad campaigns, stage performances, and music videos. I’ve modeled professionally, appearing in Italian Vogue as well as Lanvin’s groundbreaking “Real People” 2012 campaign, both celebrating my unique look. I am known for my eccentric and colorful style, turning heads wherever I go– but that’s not my reason for dressing up. My style starts with me, and I’m here to show others how to gain confidence through creative dress. Coming soon: Let me teach you how.


My Design Work

I’ve been creating small scale design work under my name since 2008, which has been mainly accessories-focused, beginning with hand formed hats and painted earrings. In 2013 I embarked on a side project– Doll Eyes, a series of avant-garde high fashion collections created by myself and designer Elena Kanagy-Loux, combining our shared vintage babydoll punk aesthetic to create something new and collaborative. From there I worked styling an up-and-coming pop singer and The Voice contestant for her viral music videos as well as stage appearances, first incorporating previous designs, and eventually collaborating on new looks created specifically for thematic performances. Continuing with exploration of “fashion as art”, I unveiled a hat show Stella Needs A Vacation through NYFW Fashun Tweek in September 2016. In 2017 I worked together with Print All Over Me to create a full collection of ready to wear items featuring my print designs, leading to me opening a month long pop-up shop in New York’s East Village neighborhood, which featured my teeshirts, printed clothing, and accessories designs. Today I am focusing on steadily growing my small collection into something large and accessible. You can shop it here.

Here’s a link to my visual portfolio which includes my fashion design and graphic work.