Full Metal Jacket: Your Unique Style As Your Greatest Weapon.

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This is for anyone who’s ever been teased for looking different, for anyone who’s used eccentric makeup and clothing in an attempt to hide from their pain, and for those of whom are scared to dress their truth, in fear of being noticed for who they are.

Let’s talk about the idea of personal style as armor.

I brought this topic up during my live stream last week (don’t miss my future streams– follow me on Instagram), and I think it needs a little more attention, don’t you? After all, in these troubling times, we need to suit UP before we battle our way through the day.

I told a story about a girl who was using her personal style to hide herself from the world. Because she had been cut down by people’s words so many times that it was easier to put on mask in order to face them. It feels better to wear the ugly thing, than to be the ugly thing.

But the girl was a warrior, and the mask quickly became much more than a thing to hide behind, it became her armor. Her battle suit that she’d buckle into every morning before facing her enemies. Their opinions couldn’t penetrate her this way, but what she didn’t realize was that cloaking up gave her an aura of bravery and power that she never knew she possessed. Soon, she no longer had to go to battle everyday, because her courage had earned her respect amongst her peers, and for this she was celebrated.

Okay, so I know that sounds like a Game Of Thrones fan fiction. The truth is, that little diddy is about ME, and also I have never watched a single episode of Game Of Thrones (you decide which is more shocking).

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I learned early on about the explosive power of dressing like you damn well mean it, and if you’re currently hiding behind a look that has got you feeling more like a plebeian, than like an Arya Stark (thank you Twitter for keeping me up to date on popular culture), I want to run this concept through your head a few times:



I interviewed Emma Dumont in 2012 for Beautylish and loved her reference to makeup as “lady balls”. It’s 2019, so we can de-gender this concept, but the point remains: It takes strength to wear your truth. Makeup is warpaint and clothing is a sheath, especially when you feel like an outcast.

Below are a few brave steps to take in order to slay your way to style royalty by being true to who you are.

Choosing Your Weapon:

Your clothing doesn't hold the power, that’s all you babe. But we can all benefit from the magic feather that is choosing bold wearable pieces that celebrate your truth, and showcase your fearlessness. Yours is the only opinion that matters here, and your choice of dress exists to please no-one but you. If people have a problem with it, toss on a sequin dress, or some black lipstick, and give them something to yell about.

Flagging Your Colors:

Commit to your look and don’t cover up with a jacket at the first enemy sighting. In other words, let the world know which team you’re on. Hint: it’s YOUR team. You’re here rooting for you, so show up for yourself. You already know your style is an extension of your truth, so don’t dull your bulb to blend into a room of dimwits.

Knocking ‘Em Dead:

People like to judge what they don’t understand, but get them used to an idea and they’re suddenly all for it. What’s more, let their banter roll off you like water on an iron shield, and they’ll soon be in awe of your blatant bad-assery. Let your look do the talking– this isn’t about picking a fight or putting yourself in an unsafe situation. Kill ‘em with kindness and killer style, and you’ll inspire more than just fashion trends.

Never forget that you are a masterpiece. Now, go forth and prosper, you style assassin!